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Handheld PEMF Device for Localized Pain
Handheld PEMF Device for Localized Pain

Handheld PEMF Device for Localized Pain

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Need to feel better sooner than later?

This is a compact PEMF device designed to provide pain relief and enhance tissue healing for small areas such as acute sprains and strains; muscle spasms, trigger points, small fractures, hairline fractures, skin lacerations and abrasions, and headaches.  It is a hand-held device with an electromagnetic emitter and vibroacoustic generator (white noise).  The vibroacoustic waves oscillate cells and enhance the effects of the electromagnetic fields on tissues, providing relatively quick, noticeable improvement in conditions such as:

  • sprains/strain soft tissue injuries
  • bursitis
  • epicondylitis
  • gout
  • acute episodes of arthritis
  • recent fractures
  • postoperative wounds

Like all PEMF devices, the electromagnetic field produced by this device improves nutrient, oxygen and waste transport in cells by normalizing cell membrane electrical charges; increases anti-oxidant (cells' defensive molecules) production, and lowering inflammation.  This improves cell physiology, enhances healing, and leads to long-term symptom reduction.

Use it in conjunction with red light therapy for maximum therapeutic effect.

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