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Air Purification

When it comes to maintaining good health, what you put in or allow into your body over your lifetime will be a crucial factor.

Your DIET is the number one factor that can impact your health.  It must be comprised mostly of nutrient-dense foods; mostly plants.

But diet isn't the only thing that you put or allow into your body.  WATER and AIR are the other two things that you ingest every day into your body, that will impact your health over your lifetime.

If you drink tap water from your home, it's highly recommended you run a test on your water.  You may be surprised of what you will find.  Not all municipalities have the most up to date water purification systems.  If you live in an industrial region, those pollutants are likely to make it into the reservoirs that serve your area.

Next, the AIR your breathe.  If you live near an industrial region, chances are very likely you are breathing in several types of pollutants.  Fine particulate matter (FPM) come in many forms.  They are small enough to make it past your respiratory tract filters (cilia and mucous layer) and lodge deep into your lungs where they can possibly enter your blood stream.

It is imperative, therefore, to have a home air purification system at home to filter the air you breathe continuously.  

The model we tested that passes all the tests is the Air Dog brand air purification systems.