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Mat for P1000 Pulsed EMF Machine

Mat for P1000 Pulsed EMF Machine

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This is an optional attachment for the P1000 PEMF machine sold on this site.

Place on a firm surface such as massage table and lie down on top of it so the bottom of your neck is at the level of the top edge.  This will expose the torso down to the calves to the magnetic field.  Ideal for stress reduction and general health maintenance.

MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY (@ 8 pulses/second):

  • Level 1:  2,292 Gauss
  • Level 2:  3,999 Gauss
  • Level 3:  4,848 Gauss
  • Level 4:  6,652 Gauss
  • Level 5:  8,300 Gauss

DIMENSIONS:  140 cm long x 64 cm wide (4' 7" x 2"); folds in the center.